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– check the yearly results, verified by MyFXBook & internal Track Record. Some Key Facts:

  • 706 Trades in 2018
  • Total return: +295% (using 1% risk per trade)
  • Average return: +22.7% per 4 weeks (using 1% risk per trade)
  • Average: 54 trades per 4 weeks
  • Total: 476 wins / 67% win rate
  • Total: +13,726 pips
  • Average: +1056 pips per 4 weeks
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Regular Updates
Average of three Trades/Day, 14 Setups/Week, including entries, stop loss and exits.
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Full-scale, actionable technical and wave analysis. At least seven charts per day.
Video and Webinars
Easy-to-follow market analysis and live trading via 4 webinars/week.
Wide Range of Markets
Covers 25+ Forex pairs, commodities, indices and cryptos.
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Don’t reinvent the wheel while others are driving on the highway - learn from us.

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ecs.CAMMACD charts and setups (2-3/day)

esc.CAMMACD webinar (2/week)

ecs.SWAT charts setups (3-8/week)

ecs.SWAT webinars (2/week)

Chart Analysis (min 1/day)

Wave analysis (10 pairs / week), USD, JPY, EUR, GBP, Oil, Gold, Dax

Intra-day, intra-week, long-term (5 min charts to monthly charts)

Market videos (4 vids/week)

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Some review of Gold, Oil, Crypto, indicies, CFDs

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To qualify for ecs.LIVE access:

  1. Open a broker account via our website
  2. Start with at least $700 ($2,000 – $10,000 range is ideal to fully benefit from our services)
  3. Send us an email with screenshot of the deposit
  4. Receive ecs.LIVE access immediately
  5. Trade actively*

*Keep in mind – no cheating! With no active trading Your access to ecs.LIVE and Systems will be ceased and You will be permanently banned from our community.


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General Questions:

Do You Offer Free Access to ecs.LIVE?

No, but You can get it up to 3mnth for Free if you Trade with one of our Trusted Brokers. See how to apply.

What happens when the free months expire?

You will be able to continue with the service by purchasing the package again for the price available to You at the time of opening an account with a trusted broker.

Do I need to cancel the free access to ecs.LIVE?

No, we will notify You how you can keep the access.

In case of a free access, will I be charged afterward?

No obligation is made at this stage. Make sure to read our policy on refunds.

What happens when my subscription expires?

We bill you automatically, until to you notify us otherwise. Hence, make sure to maintain necessary funds on You Payment Account. You will loose access after 3 unsuccessful attempts to bill You. 

How can I subscribe again?

To regain access to your charts after the subscription has expired, order the ecs.LIVE package again.

What are the main advantages of ecs.LIVE?

Traders need to actually SEE how we approach the charts and our trades in a live environment.
This is when real knowledge and experience is transferred.

Learning to Trade requires “skin in the game”, hence, services like copying-trading, while sometimes profitablewill not provide you with the amount of hours to practise, possibly fail and hopefully get back on your feet.

With ecs.LIVE you won’t just copy our trades, but also see the logic behind each entry and hopefully reach the level when you can rely on Your own gut in using our systems by learning:

1. How to set up valuable analysis.

2. How to translate that into trading decisions.

3. How to execute trades on live charts.

The course helps to keep an eye on the profitable trading setups while learning how to analyse markets without external help – thus becoming a more well-rounded trader. 

What’s included in ecs.LIVE?

You will gain access to a membership area where you will be able to quickly access:

  • From 2 – 10 CAMMACD analysis & setups per week
  • One SWAT analysis and setup per day
  • Chart analysis & setups, minimum of 4 per day
  • Live wave analysis
  • 2 market videos per day
  • 3 live webinars per week
  • Recordings of the webinars
  • Forex market, commodities, stock indices
  • Review of minute5  charts, 15 min, 1 hour, 4 hour, daily and weekly charts

With ecs.LIVE you also get a closer access to a community of traders constantly looking into new technologies, TA methods, while also keeping an eye on important geopolitical events, financial industry as a whole.