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Chris Svorcik

Co-founder of Elite Currensea,
creator of SWAT trading method
award-winning trader and educator
keen on Trend Lines, Moving Averages,
Fibonacci Levels, Fractals and Price Action.

Nenad Kerkez

Star-trader also known as T@rantula,
creator of CAMMACD trading method
industry veteran and leading educator
keen on Camarilla, Price Action, MACD
Wolfe Waves, Patterns & Candlesticks.

Trading experience is King.
We know that from over two decades of combined experience. 

Mind, we don’t offer shortcuts like copying trade signals or implementing a system in theory without practice.

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It is critical that traders learn these 3 aspects on a daily basis:

1. How to translate that into trading decisions.
2. How to setup valuable analysis.
3. How to execute trades on live charts.
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Charts via Telegram App
We'll update you with our best setups so you never run out of trading ideas.
Regular chart udpates
Minimum 7 charts per day with trend lines, key zones, critical patterns, Fibs and more.
Best market analysis
Full-scale, actionable technical, and wave analysis.
Video and webinars
Easy-to-follow market analysis with 2 videos per day and 2 webinars per week.
Wide range of markets
Covers 25+ Forex pairs, commodities, indices and cryptos.
Mentoring & support
Don’t reinvent the wheel while others are driving on the highway - learn from us.

Live Trading Setups via Telegram App

  • Breakout, bounce, and trend line trade setups on the 5-15-30-60-240 min charts.
  • Momentum trade setups with ecs.WIZZ on the 15 min and 60 min charts.
  • Swing trade setups, 1h – 4h charts.
  • CAMMACD Type 1,2, 3 and 4 Entries (T1,T2,T3,T4).
  • CAMMACD Scalp Swings, Counter trades.
  • Long-term trade setups shown on daily charts.
  • ecs.SWAT trade setups on 1 hour, 4 hour and daily charts.
  • Market structure and pattern setups on all time frames.
  • Trade management parameters such as stop loss, target, and trail stop loss.

Best Market Analysis

  • Technical analysis:
    • support and resistance analysis
    • trend and momentum
    • market structure
  • Price patterns:
    • chart patterns
    • candlestick patterns
  • Key decision zones.
  • Elliott Wave analysis.

Wide Range of Markets:

  • Total of all 25 currency pairs, including major and minor currency pairs.
  • Review of 3 commodities: oil, gold, silver.
  • Analysis of major stock indices.
  • Updates on 3 cryptocurrencies.

Lots (!) of Charts & Updates

  • Minimum of 4 charts per trading day with technical analysis, including price patterns, chart patterns, candlestick analysis, trend, momentum, and S&R.
  • Minimum of 2 updates per trading day.
  • Minimum of 2 short-term wave analysis charts per trading day.
  • Minimum of 5 long-term wave analysis charts per trading week.

Videos, Webinars and Alerts

  • Two videos per trading day with market analysis.
  • Videos will be uploaded at two different times (to cover different time zones).
  • Videos will cover most interesting currency pairs and instruments.
  • Two live webinars per trading week.
  • Webinars will also be recorded and viewable later.
  • One live webinar is reviewing the charts and markets for 1 hour.
  • One educational Q&A webinar.

Forum, Live Chat & Support

  • Access to forum where you can ask questions & discuss trading ideas.
  • Access to forum where you can chat with other SWAT traders.
  • Live Skype chat where trade ideas are discussed.
  • Email support.


ecs.SWAT trading system and course

A fully developed course and trading system that offers:

8h of material via 25 lessons
13 indicators, and templates
2 scripts &  an expert adviser

Our approach teaches traders to speak the language of technical analysis with less effort.
This knowledge also helps to understand the market structure with an enhanced perspective.

The Swat trading system will help explain market movements and price cycles pre-fact.
By spotting them, you will be better equipped to get ready for the next large market move and take positions before the rest of the market does.

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ecs.CAMMACD trading system and webinars

The CAMMACD uses a very safe approach with risk management, relying on a tripod of trading:

1. Profitable  strategy
2. Risk management
3. Trading psychology

Our approach teaches traders to speak the language of technical analysis with less effort.
This knowledge also helps to understand the market structure with an enhanced perspective.

With the ecs.CAMMACD live trading, Nenad offers one CAMMACD setup each trading day + 1 webinar/week
where he shows his best setups of the upcoming week using his six different CAMMACD modules.

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ecs.CAMMACD charts and setups (2-3/day)

esc.CAMMACD webinar (2/week)

ecs.SWAT charts setups (3-8/week)

ecs.SWAT webinars (2/week)

Chart Analysis (min 1/day)

Wave analysis (10 pairs / week), USD, JPY, EUR, GBP, Oil, Gold, Dax

Intra-day, intra-week, long-term (5 min charts to monthly charts)

Market videos (4 vids/week)

Focus on Forex markets

Member's forum access, Twitter & Telegram Channel Alerts

Some review of Gold, Oil, Crypto, indicies, CFDs

ecs.SWAT education course

ecs.SWAT system and indis



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Gerhard from UK

Looking for more pips
“Just want to give you a little feedback after the first webinar and training session. Did 2 entries on 15min – worked fine, today first entry on 1H (GBPUSD) – worked also perfect. Looking forward for more pips 😉 THX for doing this great job.”


ecs.SWAT lets me finally be in control
I need you to know that  ecs.SWAT is very strong and have a lot of information which I did not know before – although I’v been working in forex since 4 years but this is the first time to fell that I am acting like professional and I can depends on Forex.


Simply the best
“Chris and Nenad, you are the best of the best Forex traders. I love your webinars! You are feeding me with so many information. 🙂”


Open minded play with open cards
Nenad is simply excelent. He knows very good trading psihology, witch is for me most important thing in trading, beside technical and fundamental knowledge and feeling.
What impresioning me the most he is open mindedand play with open cards. He is not affraid of showing loosing trades!

Meann CT

Superb analysis & indicators
Analysis and indicators provided by Sir Nenad and Sir Chris is very accurate. They helped me a lot as a new Currency Trader to learn many things about trading especially the Price Action Trading.

 The Metiu

Added value to well-known methods
I traded using EliteCurrenSea strategies (mainly CAMMACD) for quite long time and I appreciate the logic behind. The main idea of the strategies is stacking the odds in your favor, using fib’s, pivot points with S&R’s – all in correlation.

Our awards


General questions:

Do you offer free access to ecs.LIVE?
No, but we offer a loyalty program ecs.TradersClub to new and existing clients. You can get 1mnth of Telegram Group access for free + up to 35% discount on of our systems when trading with one of our trusted brokers.

What happens after the first free month?
You will be able to continue with the service with the discounted price of €75/mnth, otherwise, access will be denied.

Do I need to cancel the free month of ecs.LIVE?
No, you will lose your access unless you decide you continue at the discounted price.

In case of a free month, will I be charged afterward?
No obligation is made at this stage. Make sure to read our policy on refunds.

What happens when my subscription expires?
If you want to keep access, make sure to extend subscription before the end date. Failing to do so, will result in a loss of ecs.LIVE access.

How can I subscribe again?
To regain access to your charts after the subscription has expired, order the ecs.LIVE package again.

What are the main advantages of ecs.LIVE?

Traders need to actually SEE how we approach the charts and our trades in a live environment.
This is when real knowledge and experience is transferred.

Success cannot be achieved by using shortcuts like copying trade signals or implementing a system in theory without practical help.

Therefore, It is critical that traders learn these 3 aspects on a daily basis:

1. How to set up valuable analysis.

2. How to translate that into trading decisions.

3. How to execute trades on live charts.

The course helps to keep an eye on the profitable trading setups while learning how to analyse markets without external help – thus becoming a more well-rounded trader. 

What’s included in ecs.LIVE?

You will gain access to a membership area where you will be able to quickly access:

  • From 2 – 10 CAMMACD analysis & setups per week
  • One SWAT analysis and setup per day
  • Chart analysis & setups, minimum of 4 per day
  • Live wave analysis
  • 2 market videos per day
  • 3 live webinars per week
  • Recordings of the webinars
  • Forex market, commodities, stock indices
  • Review of minute5  charts, 15 min, 1 hour, 4 hour, daily and weekly charts

With ecs.LIVE you also get a closer access to a community of traders constantly looking into new technologies, TA methods, while also keeping an eye on important geopolitical events, financial industry as a whole.