What is Introducing Broker “ecs.TradersClub”?

Introducing Broker (IB) is an agreement between a broker and third-party partner (ECS). When ECS refers traders to brokers, both traders and ECS benefit from such an introduction (as per company policy).

We call traders who are referred this way as “ecs.TradersClub” members.

What is the main benefit for traders?

There are many advantages that are summarized in the next paragraph, but the main point is that we provide additional services when a trader opens an account with a broker and decides to use ECS as an introducing broker.

Keep in mind, IB agreement does not have any impact on your trading conditions and is fully up to you if you want to enjoy the extra benefits of being an “ecs.TradersClub member”.

What are the benefits of “being introduced” by Elite CurrenSea?

In short, you will receive even faster and tailored support, special discounts, early access to new trading tools & materials and many more. The terms are subject to change, but we will update you in case new discounts roll out. 

Special Discounts:

If you are under our IB (or transfer to our ib) and purchased from us in the past you will have a 35% discount on ecs.SWAT or ecs.CAMMACD (full package or modules) + a free month of ecs.LIVE. For new IB clients, when opening with one of our trusted brokers you get a free month of ecs.LIVE + 25% discount on any of our systems.

See the next part for approved partners, that can unlock special prices, premium support, tools and features.

How to become a member of “ecs.TradersClub”?

You will need to register with one of our supported brokers (see below) or contacting support with the request to add your account to the IB of Elite CurrenSea.

Please ask the broker for a manual action, only if you believe that Elite CurrenSea helps your trading and positively contributes to your preference for the particular broker or if you learned about the broker through Nenad Kerkez & Chris Svorcik.

If you are not allowed to change your IB feel free to reach us out for possible solutions to qualify you for the Loyalty Program.

List of supported brokers


Broker Min Depo To Qualify Reward How to Apply 
Alvexo €500 3mnth ecs.LIVE + SWAT (usually €295)

Deposit Now 

Full review

AxiTrader €100 1mnth ecs.LIVE (usually €109/month)

 Deposit Now 

Full review

Markets.com €100 1mnth ecs.LIVE (usually €109/month)  Deposit Now 

Full review
MTrading €100 1mnth ecs.LIVE (usually €109/month) Deposit Now 

Full review
LCG €100 1mnth ecs.LIVE (usually €109/month)

 Deposit Now 

Full review

Libertex €100 1mnth ecs.LIVE (usually €109/month)

Deposit Now 

Full review

XM $500 3mnth ecs.LIVE + CAMMACD (LOA or CSS) module (usually €700)

 Deposit Now 

Full review

How to get the discounts

Make sure to follow these steps to get the discounts for new Elite CurrenSea Users:

  1. Open an account with your broker of choice
  2. Using the same email, open an account on our website selecting your broker of choice from the drop-down menu
  3. As soon as we confirm your registration with one of our trusted brokers you will receive a welcome email with your access to a free month of ecs.LIVE. If you want to speed up the process, send us an email with proof of deposit.
  4. if you want to purchase the system, just proceed to check out after completing steps 1-2

For existing Elite CurrenSea Account Holders:

  1. Open an account with your broker of choice
  2. Contact us indicating your ecs account email and the proof of deposit (via screenshot or forwarding the confirmation email from your new broker account), indicating your ecs account email
  3. We will add your free month of ecs.LIVE and provide your with the link to purchase discounted systems
  4. For personal offer, please, also, mention the nature of your request

If you are from the U.S. or have an account with another company, don’t worry, just send us an email about your situation to receive a personal offer

Final Provisions

Current Terms and Conditions might be subject to change during the testing period. A final version will be published on this page with a time-stamp.