CAMMACD Full System

Momentum Trading based on Camarilla & Moving Averages.




The ecs.CAMMACD course offers an unique approach for trading the Forex and financial markets. The creator of this all-round system, Nenad Kerkez aka Tarantula FX, has been successfully trading it for more than a decade.

The ecs.CAMMACD approach offers a simple yet full 360 degree of trading and is based on price action, classical indicators, and proprietary indicators. It is particularly good at finding precise entry & exit points and based on tools and concepts such as:

  1. The ecs.Camarilla indicator
  2. The ecs.MACD oscillator
  3. The ecs.ATR indicator
  4. Other proprietary ecs indicators
  5. Candlestick patterns and price action

The ecs.CAMMACD method is ideal for:

  1. Intra-day, intra-week, and swing traders of all skill levels
  2. Both full time and part time traders
  3. Traders of all skill levels, including beginners
  4. Rules based traders
  5. Forex market, but also applicable for CFDs and Commodities

The full CAMMACD module includes 8 (!) trading systems. All systems have clear and simple trade setups. Here is a summary:

  1. 1. CAMMACD Multiple Time Frames (MTF) – H1 timeframe
  2. 2. CAMMACD Swing Trading (SWING) – H4 timeframe
  3. 3. CAMMACD Counter Trend Trading (CTT) – H1 timeframe
  4. 4. CAMMACD Scalp Swing (CSS) – M15 timeframe
  5. 5. CAMMACD Scalping (SCA) – M5 timeframe
  6. 6. CAMMACD London Open (LOA) – automated M15 timeframe
  7. 7. CAMMACD Master Breakout (MCB) – H1 & H4 timeframe
  8. 8. CAMMACD High Volatility Trading (HVT) – H1 & H4 timeframe

All the modules are fully explained from A to Z in the ecs.CAMMACD course, which explains how to trade all of the systems. It also includes valuable insight into trade management, risk management, and trading psychology.

Here is a detailed list of ecs.CAMMACD full course includes:

  1. 20 course videos
  2. 3+ hours of video
  3. 8 trading systems
  4. All 10+ indicators
  5. All 8+ templates
  6. All experts and scripts
  7. Handouts and material
  8. 6 months of live trading webinars via ecs.LIVE
  9. Lifetime access to the entire course and all material and indicators
  10. All future updates and improvements

Here is an overview of the complete CAMMACD course:

Part 1 Candlesticks
Part 2 Trend
Part 3 Trend Lines
Part 4 Fibonacci Retracement
Part 5 ecs.ATR and ecs.MACD Indicator
Part 6 Order block
Part 7 EMA89 and T-89 pattern
Part 8 ECS Camarilla Indicator Explained
Part 9 Risk Management
Part 10 Trading Psychology
Part 11 Impulse and Correction
Part 12 Targets and Stops for all CAMMACD trading modules
Trading Module MTF (multiple time frames) Main trading system of ecs.CAMMACD and ecs.LIVE. Semi-automated signals from H4 and daily charts shown on H1 chart
Trading Module SWING (swing trading) Swing trading system for part-timers
Trading Module SCA (scalping) Scalping system for M5
Trading Module CSS (scalp swing) Scalp swing system for M15
Trading Module CTT (counter trend) Counter trend system for H1
Trading Module MCB (master candle breakout) Master candle breakouts for H4 and H1
Trading Module LOA (London Open Advanced) London Open Advanced EA (automated trading)
Bonus Module: HVT (High Volatility Trading) Large candle system for H4 and H1

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